Sunday, September 7, 2008

update on my beautiful little girl

Wow! It is tempting in print to make everything sound rosey, wonderful with adoption. Nobody wants to tell you the hard times and trials all parents have with new children into the family. I could have filled a book with the hard times, work and patience it took to help Mia turn the corner and trust us. But honestly, I have only praise for June's journey to us so far. Not that it has to do with us, but she was prepared in her orphange for us, was taken very good care of and kept in a nurturing environment until we could come and get her. Her journey into our family and into our souls has been so easy. She now loves her Daddy and no longer fears him. She will go to him without hesitation. However, if I am around, she still prefers me. She puts her head on my shoulders when I pick her up, and pats me on the back. She leans over often to kiss me. She sleeps like a dream, often 14 hours nonstop a night with a nap in the afternoon. Even though she has an open palate, she eats most everything I put in front of her. She is full of life and laughter. I watch her run around the living room and its not long before she rolls her head back and laughs out loud. Mainly, she laughs because as I look into her eyes, I can see that she is happy to her soul. No sadness there, no eyes that remind me that she has lived a hard past, no behaviors that tell me she is trying to trust after a painful start. She simply is a lovely, loving, kind, happy little girl. I feel that we won the parent lottery. She is delicate, and mine. Her surgery is in Dallas 9/16 and the doctors will be closing her palate, revising her lip and fixing her nose all in the same surgery. Please think of her this day as she struggles to understand why the momma she trusts is letting this happen. She will be wearing arm restraints for one month and on liquids for one month. My heart breaks for her during this time. Funny how this surgery sounded so matter of fact as we signed up for this special need and for her. But now that she is here and mine, the surgery somewhat overwhelms my heart for her. I know I am a doctor, but really , in this case, I am just a momma. One who remembers my last visit to a pedi hospital with horror, and dont look forward to this next one. But, I know that the red thread that prepared us for June and her for us continues, and takes us to this next step. Please look at and enjoy the next few pics. She is magnificent. And Mine.


Mark and Kim said...

Dear Cindy,

You don't know me - but I will be praying for your sweet little girl and for your strength in these next few days leading up to her surgery.

Another waiting Mother

Karen said...

Cindy, June is a cutie! I am glad to know that she has brought such joy to your family. My Morgan used to fall asleep on the floor too. I used to wonder if she liked the hard surface or was just busy and fell asleep where she was. :) My favorite picture is the one with June in the hat!! Her little personality speaks to me in that picture. I will pray for June and your family during her surgery. It is hard to be the mom. Best wishes!

Sharon said...

June is absolutely precious! I'm so glad you gave our CHI family an update! Glad to hear that she loves her daddy now. As our littlest one would say 'it must make his heart very happy'!


tumbleintodreams said...

What a beautiful post! Cami's palate surgery was in March and I remember being where you are.....dreading going through it. I hope you find it to be a time of bonding and closeness. I hope the time passes quickly for you. If you are interested, I have some pictures and post on Cami's blog. Good Luck to all of you.

Tony said...

Hey Cindy,

I am sure glad to hear that June loves Curtis finally!!!! I knew that it would happen, and it is great to hear that June is doing so well. If I get a chance, I'll forward to you a picture of Annie asleep in her spaghetti! What memories! Our family will be praying for June during her surgery and that the healing will be very quick. I'm sure she won't be such a sparkly girl during the healing time!! Our love to you.

Amy said...

She is so very cute!! Did you get that white dress with flowers in China? We got one for Presley, but it never fit her. :( I am so glad that she is going to Curtis now!! I bet that's make him happy and your back happy!!! Please keep us updated about her surgery. Amy in Arizona

Jana said...

Dr. Robbins

I will be praying for you all during and after the surgery. I am so glad that she is adjusting so well.

tracie b said...

she is soooo beautiful! i can't wait to meet her!

tracie estes brewer

The Caldwells said...

Dr. Cindy! I'm so happy to read that though there are bumps and hurdles at times--God is faithful! June is just breath taking. I'll put the 16th on my calendar to pray. If you're ever in Austria--look us up. You mean a lot to us! Krista

mom2joy said...

I've read your blog since you posted on a yahoo group concerned that China was not going to allow you to adopt again. Then you were referred lovely June. I read the blog during your travel and since. I prayed for her on the 16th of September. I hope that the hurricane in Houston/Galveston didn't stop her surgery once you were prepared. Most of all I hope and pray she is doing well. What I finally want to say is that that baby looks like you!! Her smile looks so much like yours. Most of all, I think she is going to have a heart like yours. What a precious jewel she must be! God's blessings.

Carolyn (in Las Vegas)

All About Bailey said...

Hi Dr. Robbins,

I found your blog through Jana's...not sure if you remember me, but I'm the youngest of the "Weidel" clan. I just had a little one of my own, and so I can finally understand the pains of a mother. My heart goes out to you and I hope all went well with the surgery. You look great by the way. If you get a chance, I have some pictures of my little girl, Bailey, on her blog Hope to hear good news soon

All About Bailey said...

sorry, I had to post once more. I just went through and read everything on the page regarding June's arrival and what not. I cannot believe how big the kids have gotten. I remember playing with Jordan when we were both little and Tyler was the annoying "little brother". I don't know that I've even personally met Riley (it seems like it's been forever)...of course I've been gone for a while with college and then getting married and moving to Illinois. anyway, just wanted to post again and tell you how absolutely beautiful and blessed your family is.

Jocelyn Pethtel (The Baby Weidel)

riscky party of four said...

Dr. Robbins,

While reading your blogs I have laughed and cried. You are such an amazing person!! June is a beautiful blessing and very lucky to be a part of such an incredible family.

I am so thankful to have you as my doctor.

Kourtney Riscky

Heather said...

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